Sunday, 26 July 2009

Great blog: Etsy Technology Help

I love it when I come across great blogs! This blog:
Etsy Technology Help I really would like to share with you. If you have an Etsy shop and is, like me, a tad computer challenged, then I would highly suggest you take a good look. I promise you it will save you a lot of time :-)
A couple of days ago I saw the blog link posted by
MagnetGames the blog owner, in the Etsy Forum. I clicked over there and was for a long while totally absorbed in all the great tips. Some I had come across before in the Forum, but a lot was new to me. Since then I have been implementing some of the things that she suggests. Amongst others how to add an active link to your blog post that opens up in a new window (like when you click on 'Etsy Technology Help' above. How to add a Google custom search area, like the one you see in the left hand side column. There you can type a key word and it will search your blog for posts with that specific theme. Very handy. Another tip mentioned: In my shop I have now added active links to some of my descriptions like 'You might like this listing as well'. A great way to make it easier for customers to let them know whats in your shop.
I still have a list of things that I would like to add or tweak in regards to my blog and etsy shop over the coming days. It always makes me so happy with all the great people out there just wanting to share what they are great at. Thank you MagnetGames!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

At the crack of dawn

Well it is amazing how much one can get done when getting up at the crack of dawn. Our old cat decided that she was tremendously hungry and was talking up a storm at 4.45 am. Being a light sleeper at the best of times, an early raiser and still jet lagged from our recent travels to the US, I decided to stay up and get some computer work done which is a great feeling. Even though I did manage to get some work done in the US, I'm still behind from where I would like to be. I'll get there in the end :-)
I have just listed two batches of my hand dyed embroidery thread/yarn on Etsy red/blueish thread and olive green/blue thread Some time ago I blogged about the dyeing process and the final result. Please take a look if you want to more info/pictures (March 14Th and 19Th 2009). Four more listings are ready to be posted on Etsy over the next couple of days. I like to spread similar listings, so that they are not just sitting there as a big group. I work in so many different styles and I like that to be reflected when people visit my shop. I was just thinking, that I wouldn't mind, if the light would be good for taking pictures today. It looks quite promising. Slightly overcast, but bright. I have so many items ready to be prepared for Etsy. I find it easier and more time efficient to do a good batch in one go instead of breaking it up in chunks.

Monday, 6 July 2009

A quick update

Just as life was starting to find it own rhythm and my blogging was sort of picking up every thing goes a bit pear shaped. I know I won't be spending much time in front of the computer for the next couple of weeks. My husband and I are leaving to go to the US shortly. We have managed to sell our lovely house in Virginia and will be heading over to put everything into storage. It is with mixed emotions as we loved the house, the area and all our wonderful friends, but since we were not moving back to the US anytime soon in the foreseeable future it didn't make sense to keep it. I will be keeping SewDanish open, but any orders will not be shipped until the 23 July when we are back in GB again. Have a lovely summer, stay safe and hopefully not too hot :-)

Oh, on a completely different note. NFL and Fantasy Football season is just around the corner, judged by my husband getting more and more jittery. If you or your friends are interested please check where you will find info about the 5 books that he has published on Fantasy Football, with '201 Fantasy Football Tips" being his latest publication. There is a clickable link in the right hand side of my blog under 'great blogs' if you want more information about his books.