Sunday, 28 October 2012

'How to' Compose a Tweet

Being active as a small business owner of SewDanish on Twitter is a lot of fun, but time consuming. How do you get people (and potential customers) to actually click on your tweets?
It is all too easy to drown and disappear in the massive flow of ever changing tweets.

 The other day Cory from AquarianBath , and a friend of mine from the UniqueWomenInBusiness (UWIB) group, contacted me. In UWIB we, amongst others, cross promote each others businesses on twitter. In a Google doc we collect tweets that we want team members to exchange.  Cory wanted to let me know that the SewDanish tweets, that she schedules on average get around 30 clicks and asked what my ‘secret’ was.

For a while, I have been paying close attention to what type of tweets catch my eyes and actually make me click through on a link. In general those tweets are very short, to the point and quite often involve a question. I guess, I get very saturated with lots of words and empty noise.

The way I’m building my business tweets within the 140 characters is:
      ·       a short, sharp punch line
      ·       shop name and possible tag line
      ·       the active link
      ·       #tags
      ·       the twitter @name.

I feel it is very important for branding and trust worthiness alike, to have the shop name written out properly in the tweet. Personally I don't think, that the twitter @name is a strong enough tool for shop branding. The @name is internal twitter lingo. One cannot count on having the shop name in the active link, as most links are automatically being shortened.
Not having your shop name in the tweet, can leave the reader feeling insecure and deciding to skip the tweet all together. I know, that I don’t click unless I’m certain that it is a legit link.
I have as well been paying attention  to what #tags are being used on twitter. I think the busier twitter gets, the more people are using the #tags for searching for a like minded audience/customers. In my tweets I have been experimenting with the #tags trying out various combinations. As an added bonus to the clicks, I have gotten new followers, which I directly can trace back to the use of #tags.