Sunday, 10 January 2010

Copenhagen, The National Museum

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, I for a change had a bit of spare time. And did I spend that time well, Yes. And would I like to go back, Yes. For quite a while it had been on my wish list to go and visit The National Museum of Denmark (The page will be in Danish, but just click the little English flag at the top, and you'll get the English version). Over the years, when living in Denmark, I have been visiting this wonderful museum on a relatively regular basis, but after moving abroad several years ago, I hadn't really managed to stop by.
In one of my textile groups we are working a body of work on a design brief 'connections'. While focusing in on my design source, I so totally wanted to visit the National museum in Denmark and revisit the prehistoric collection. Not planning on going to Denmark any time soon, I chose a different source for my design work. But the desire to explore my heritage stayed with me, and at the first given opportunity I went, expecting to find great artefact's, but in a rather old fashioned and dusty display. Boy, was I wrong. The whole Danish prehistoric collection dating back to 5000 BC (give or take a few years :-) had been fully refurbished in the most beautiful and informative way. It was so exciting, and I was in totally in awe. I spend several hours looking, reading, sketching just enjoying my self. It was fantastic, and I so want to go back for another look and do more sketching. And the prehistoric collection is just one of many collections, not to mention the children's museum which is great fun and very informative for the young and their parents. So much to see and do in this beautiful old building in the heart of Copenhagen.