Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hiking in Wales.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were hiking in Snowdonia, the central and northern part of Wales. We had only been to Wales once before horseback riding, and that was quite some years ago. We had wanted to come back ever since, but never made it. An opportunity came up and we decided to extend the stay exploring Wales and doing a spot of hiking. We stayed in a lovely B&B
Aberconwy House
in Bewtsy Coed which was very centrally located for the areas that we wanted to explore. The B&B had the most amazing scramble eggs with smoked salmon and fried tomatoes on the side as one of their yummy breakfast options. It was delicious :-)

During our three night stay in Wales we covered a lot of ground, by car as well as by foot. Armed with our detailed hiking/walking books we averaged about 9 miles (12km) each day up and down the mountains. Great exercise and a nice change from our relatively flat local area here in Suffolk. There for sure is a big difference between a Suffolk mile and a Welsh mile!
Snowdonia/Wales was just as lovely as I had imagined. Fabulous nature, waterfalls, sheep everywhere, wild flowers coloring the landscape, stunning panoramic views. The stillness was stunning. The ladder stiles climbing over the beautiful typical Welsh stone walls were a lot of fun. I took at lot of wall photos as design inspiration for future works. We had a wonderful stay and we so want to go back.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Quilt exhibition at The V&A, London

I’m so happy that I made it down to London to see The Quilt Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum: Quilts of the British Isles 1700 - 2010.
Lots of my friends had recommended it as a fantastic day out, even though only two hours away I just hadn’t found time to go down to London. Luckily my husband with short notice had to go to London for a business meeting and I jumped on the chance to toggle along. While my husband did his thing, I went to the V&A. Since I didn’t have a pre booked ticket, I decided to get to the museum before it opened at 10 am. While waiting in the sunshine a group of the 5-6 year old girls in their school uniforms and very cute straw hats appeared. They were just the sweetest sight! I later saw them inside the museum where they were having a great time.

The quilt exhibition was amazing and made even more special, as I had the two rooms exhibition rooms to myself, for the first half an hour. The impact of the quilts and their story was a very powerful experience. The exhibition has finished now which is a shame. It really deserved to have been enjoyed by many more people.
If you are visiting London. The
Victoria and Albert Museum is a fantastic place to spend hours. I love going there and quite often wish that I was living closer to it.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Etsy Twitter Team, HeartsAndLaserbeams and VintageDay

I recently joined a new team: The Etsy Twitter Team. And what a blast it has been! A couple of weeks ago The Etsy Twitter Team was briefly accepting new members. I have for a while been considering joining another team, so I took a good look at the team blog etsytwitter and did some other research. I really liked what I saw, so I applied and got in. Yeah!
It has been absolutely great. I'm still in the process of adding team members to my twitter, looking at blogs, etsy shops, facebook pages as well as adding the team tag. It will take a while before I have made the round, but I'll get there :-)The very heartfelt welcomes and embracing have been stunning. Thank you all!! You have made me feel very welcome :-)

Like in most teams there are a few requirements, and one of them is a monthly mandatory sign in. At the same time we were asked to twitter the shop above your own. The shop above me was Vintageday a shop with beautiful vintage jewlery. There are so many beautiful pieces in her shop, that is was difficult to choose.

Shortly after I recieved an email from HeartsAndLaserbeams
heartsandlaserbeams , who had signed in below me. She had a great suggestion to do a bit of cross promotion this week, hence this blogpost. Sandwiched in between two lovely shops, I thought that was really neat idea. HeartsAndLaserbeams, is a fun shop with a combination of lighthearted and humorous items, that puts a smile on your face. You will find a selection of lovely drawings from which is was really hard to choose. They are all lovely and again with a slight light hearted edge. The wonderful 'Apples Rock' badge at the top of this post is just one of many designs, that can be found in her shop