Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Textiles in Focus 2012, Cambridge, England

Yippee!!! It's here again!! The event not to be missed for anyone interested in textiles, fibre art, embroidery, art, craft.... you name it! 'Textiles In Focus' will be taking place the 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2012 at Cottenham Village Collage, just North of Cambridge, England. Event organiser is as usual textile artist Pauline Verrinder.

At 'Textiles in Focus' you will find a vast amount of two hour workshops, lots of tempting vendors in two halls and this years exciting textile exhibitions are by 'Out Of The Fold' (my old textile group, that I sadly decided to leave due to not having enough hours in the day) and 'Running with Scissors'.

Jennie Rayment, known for her folded patchwork, is this years lecture. Her lectures are always very informative and a lot of fun. Not to be missed!

Please visit Textiles In Focus website for detailed information about this excellent event. It is such a good day out!

BTW please keep an eye out for Fibrefusion as we will be there presenting our recent published book, 'Muslin, a stitched exploration of loose weave fabrics'. Looking forward to see you there!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Acropolis: Inspirational photos #1

The last couple of days I have been sorting through my photos. My husband and I travel a fair amount and I tend to take SO many pictures. Most of my photos are inspirational photos for future textile design work and I thought, I would share some of my 'artsy' photos in a couple of blog posts with you. Hope you'll enjoy them!

The following photos are a slightly different take of Acropolis, Athens, Greece. While vising this amazing place, we got caught in some heavy showers. The moisture brought the colours out in the beautiful ancient paving on the stairs leading up to Acropolis.