Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wonderful Sock Monkys

A couple of month ago I was introduced to making sock monkeys. Honestly I had never heard of sock monkeys, let alone had the desire to make one. In the Sindano textile group that I belong to one of the other members offered to teach us a workshop and of course I was in. Oh did we have fun. You wouldn't believe the giggles as the monkeys started to shape up and the individual 'personalities' started to emerge.

On the photos you can see our wonderful creations. Who would imagine that each monkey is made from just one pair of socks. All turned out so totally different and cute. Mine is the pink and white striped girl with the turquoise face :-)

When searching the Internet I found this beautiful sock monkey photo instruction on Craftpassion .
I wasn't aware of the sock monkeys had been around since the late 1800. Here is a link to a brief to the history .