Friday, 10 June 2011

Canterbury Cathedral, stunning light and structures.

On a recent vacation my husband and I were due to fly out from Gatwick airport just south of London. Since we were down that way we decided to add a couple of days exploring for us an unknown area of England before flying out. The days were spend visiting Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral and hiking several beautiful trails in Kent. The trail along The White Cliffs of Dover was totally beautiful.

Other peoples vacation photos are sometimes not the most exciting to look at, but I do love the way these photos from Canterbury Cathedral came out. The Cathedral was an amazing place. It was a very bright day with the sun keeping appearing and disappearing, and thereby constantly changing the light and the colours in the cathedral. The blue gray colours were just so lovely and added a completely different dimension to the stunning architecture.

The ceiling in one of the side chapels was just amazing. Everywhere you looked there was the most wonderful interplay between the light, patterns and structure. I might have to have a play with carving some printing blocks. Such an inspiring place.